controlling birth

Originally posted on March 19, 2012.

All of the recent chatter about contraception prompts me to ask this question. We keep hearing about the fact that Obama’s attempt to have access to birth control included in women’s health care coverage somehow indicates a government interference with freedom of religion and with the right of people to follow their own consciences. My question is this. Does it follow then that religious organizations ought to control women’s decisions? Are people saying that church should have the right make those decisions for women? Are we more concerned about the freedom of these men to make decisions for women than for a woman’s right to decide for herself. Is that somehow better than having the government limit the churches power on this issue?

I heard Rick Santorum this morning on the news trying to dodge owning up to his former statement that birth control was morally wrong. Then he went on to boast that he was the guy who didn’t believe in man made global warming. After our eighty-degree temperatures yesterday I was surprised that he didn’t try to dodge that issue too. But no one asked him if the odd weather gave him pause. I guess he knew that he could count on the talking heads on the TV not to ask any of those questions.